where you can browse our wide range of services and treatments at your leisure. Beauty, comfort and tranquility, "Qurrat Al Ain Beauty Salon" is the place to explore and bring out the beautiful side of you. The salon that after 10 years of experience in Pakistan has opened up in Ajman. Apart from being just a Hair, Beauty & Henna salon, it is a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Residents and women from different nationalities and tourists visiting the place come here to highlight their appearance. The complete head-to-toe treatments offered here brings about stunning changes in one's appearance and personality.
Skin And Hair Care
Skin is the most accurate barometer of your well-being, lifestyle and age. It holds no secrets it is your body’s lie-detector, and when something isn’t right internally it will show up on your face. Most people don’t treat their skin with the respect such an important organ deserves. The good news is that once you begin to take care of your skin, keep it clean, nourish and pamper it, it will respond with gratitude. Qurrat Al AinBeauty Saloon is there to help by making skincare a pleasure.
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